Take Heart: Letters of Faith, Hope and Love

Sep 04, 2019

Be Strong, Brother!

Mark G. Mirabuenos


Dear Burned-out Thinker,

I heard that you are sick and losing your passion in life. You have even reached the point of not wanting to live anymore. Illness and heartbreak really make us sad. They drain us. Please know that you are always in my prayers.


I know how tiring it is to go to the hospital for frequent checkups, to undergo medical examination routines, to have to monitor your daily medicine intake, to be dependent on unfamiliar mechanisms, and to feel that you are living a limited life because of this unwanted illness. I know it’s hard—I’ve been there.


Learning to accept the situation helps a lot: it gives us humility, teaches us to obey God and trust that He knows what is best for us, and enables us to discover that even in our limitations, God can show His overwhelming grace.


Jesus wants us to live a full life. He said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10).


The sickness that’s eating you up—overcome it, don’t let it paralyze you! Eat properly, exercise, and play. Stand up and move! Stop thinking that you can’t walk—and I mean that spiritually and physically. Walk with God each day. Also, move your legs and feet. Start taking small steps.


Life is a daily journey with God. Be hopeful that God is doing something each day for your good. As the Bible says, our Father in heaven takes care of us. If our earthly parents care for us, how much more our heavenly Father! He loves us, and He knows what is good for us.


Life is short, so make the most out of it. Create happy moments. Even if you make mistakes, don’t be afraid. Live fully for the Lord. Love God and people. Celebrate God’s goodness.


Remember when we were still kids? We would go to the riverside early in the morning, even while we were still sleepy. We would ride our bikes, enjoy the sunrise, touch the early dew on the grass, and feel the morning breeze. It made us embrace every morning with a zest for life.


Despite your sickness, you can still have a full life through Jesus Christ! You can do it for God’s glory!

Our life may not be perfect. We have problems that we can’t easily solve or even understand. Our bodies can break down, and our hearts can be broken into pieces. But God can mend our bodies and our hearts. Through these experiences, He is teaching us to put our faith and hope in Him, so hold on to His promises. Never let them go. Put them in your heart and mind. Always remember His goodness to help you go through all these challenges.


I know you are stronger than you think. Draw your strength from God.

Be strong, my brother.


Always here for you,

The Promise Keeper