CSMI holds building dedication, VBS 2019 kick off and 30th anniversary year launch all in one day


Jan 08, 2019

Three reasons CSM celebrated January 28, 2019, the last Monday of the first month of the year: the dedication of the newly renovated building, the kick off of the VBS 2019 season, and the launch of the company’s 30th anniversary logo and yearlong activities. Ceremonies for all three occasions took up the whole morning

In preparation for its 30th anniversary year, the CSM building underwent renovations that included setting up a new fence with an automated gate, relocating the parking space, installing new planters, and refurnishing the restrooms on all three floors of the building. These changes hope to offer more convenience to the Bookcorner’s visitors, clients, and training event participants.

Each floor of the three-storey building was dedicated in prayer led by: Sales & Distribution Manager Menchie De Guzman for the first floor (the front desk, CSM Bookcorner, warehouse, and offices of the Sales & Distribution, Finance, and Building Operations), VP Joy Solina for the second floor (offices of the Editorial, Training, Marketing, Production, and Administration Departments, the President and CEO and VP for Publishing, and the pantry), and Administration Manager Myra Alibrando for the third floor (Assembly Hall, conference rooms, and guest units).