Author of "Assuming Lang" Books Speaks on Administering the Local Church


Nov 12, 2019

What makes a church truly successful? For CSM author and Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Armand Canoy, it’s quite simple: “Huwag tayo gaya-gaya when we see strategies working for other churches. Huwag din tayong mainggit! Instead of envying them, we need to rejoice with them that the Lord is doing something in their area. However, we do not need to copy their strategy. What the Lord requires is for us to be faithful.”

These are just a sample of Dr. Canoy’s trademark wisdom and humor that 141 participants from 64 churches received and enjoyed in the recent Church ADD+Ministration seminar held last November 9 at the CSM Building in Parañaque City. Canoy discussed lengthily on church growth, day-to-day administration, developing leadership, and managing finances in the biblical context, sprinkled generously with anecdotes and life lessons.

To explain the seminar’s catchy title, Canoy clarified, “Church administration involves excellent Administration of Different Departments or ADD, and proper ministrations, or ministering with care.  Correcting initial impressions that the seminar was focused on finances, Canoy emphasized, “It’s not just about making sure the bills are paid, or having done your pastoral duties. Biblical leadership and administration, most importantly, is always about developing people.”

Canoy challenged pastors to perform a self-check similar to the BLOWBAGS (battery, lights, oil, water, brakes, air, gas, security) inspection done on vehicles. “Check your heart and motivations to make sure you are always aligned with the Holy Spirit, who is the source of our calling and identity,” he said.

Drawing from biblical models such as Jethro and Moses, the New Testament church, and Paul and Timothy, Canoy also addressed several church issues, most notably the dynamics between pastors and deacons. “Pastors, let us not feel threatened when we see people who have gifts that we do not have. Give opportunities for others to serve and build up the church. Deacons are there to help the pastor fulfill his day-to-day duties in serving the body of believers. Always remember, we are NOT super pastors!” he said.

In talking about the pressure to grow the church exponentially as a measure of success, Canoy told an anecdote about a pastor who was asked how to grow a congregation to 500 members. “Simple—you start with 1,000 members,” Canoy deadpanned. “When we forget that this is the Lord’s work and act as if it is ours, we are increasing the chances of dividing the church. This is not honoring to God at all,” he pointed out.

Canoy concluded with a wise reminder for pastors and administrators: “What Jesus modeled for us pastors and leaders to imitate is that we are to wash one another’s feet. When God puts us in a position of leadership, hindi tayo dapat kumilos na parang mga superstar. God put us there so we can serve and build up one another like Jesus did.”

Dr. Armand Canoy is the author of the Assuming Lang Series published by CSM; his latest being “Preaching Nga Ba or Assuming Lang?” that was launched at the Manila International Book Fair last September 13, 2019. Drop by the Bookcorner at the CSM building and get 30% discount on all Assuming Lang books and other CSM titles from November 16 to 23, 2019 during CSM’s The Great Sunday School & Children Resources Sale.  For other upcoming training events, visit the CSM Events page, or call 8852-7301 to 04 local 110.

Church ADD+Ministration speaker Dr. Armand Canoy sharing valuable lessons on leading the church


Book signing after the seminar


CSM’s Training Officer Ptr. Reuel Alfonso and Dr. Armand Canoy


Dr. Armand Canoy (center in blue) with seminar participants