2nd CSM Webinar Tackles Mental Health Challenges during Covid-19 Pandemic


Jul 30, 2020

“Human connections are still the important ingredient necessary to limit the mental effects of pandemic stress," says resource speaker Alain Dizon of CSM’s second webinar, "Mental Health and Covid-19: Dealing with the Challenges" last July 25, 2020.

Dizon who is the resident counselor of the Amara Counseling and Training Center cited fear of infection, uncertainty due to the ongoing lockdown since March, inadequacy of supplies, and even boredom as primary causes of mental stress today. "The loss of loved ones, jobs, and sources of income are also compounding factors that contribute to fear, anxiety, depression, and grief," he added.

Dizon shared some self-care tips, such as: reducing digital information consumption to help reduce the overwhelming feeling of losing control, and strengthening relationships to help overcome feelings of isolation and hopelessness. He also emphasized the need to invest more time in physical and outdoor activity, while observing health protocols.

More than 80 participants viewed the webinar, some from as far as Cebu, Davao, Japan, Hong Kong, and Canada.

CSM’s next webinar, “Harvesting in Times of Famine” is scheduled on August 6, 2020 (Thursday), from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. For more details, contact 0908-8937016 or email training@csm-publishing.com.


Webinar speaker Mr. Alain Dizon is resident counselor at Amara Counseling & Training Center in QC


Mr. Dizon sharing self-care tips in times of pandemic


Some of the participants during the Mental Health & Covid-19 webinar