CSM author advocates safer online environment for kids in Mag-TechTalk Tayo webinar

By CSM Publishing Inc.

Oct 13, 2021

The internet is a wonderful resource for learning, but it also has its dangers. Online bullies and sexual predators abound. With the pandemic still preventing children from attending classes physically and schools limited to online sessions, our kids are unintentionally exposed to the dangers of the Internet for extended periods of time.


Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. (CSM) sought to address this urgent issue with a webinar entitled   “Mag-TechTalk Tayo! Keeping Our Kids Safe in an Online Environment” last October 9, 2021. Guest speaker and CSM author Dr. Rowena “Awee” Raton-Hibanada led the learning experience to help 62 teachers and parents appreciate the online environment while keeping their kids safe from the dangers of the Internet.


Dr. Hibanada is the author of Press Delete: Cyberbullying, a mini book published by CSM. “A responsible digital citizen protects one’s self, our family and friends, and our community. This is important because we are not only responsible for ourselves but also to others,” she said.


Issues discussed in “Mag-TechTalk Tayo!” included protecting one’s digital identity and how to avoid online scams. “There are different risks to using the Internet. The good news is there are many ways you can limit the risks and concentrate on all the good things you can do online. There are ways to safely shop, work, research, talk, play, interact, and be entertained online,” Dr. Hibanada said.


Another relevant topic is the importance of communicating online respectfully, given the toxic nature of online discussions nowadays. “People can have so many different stories and backgrounds which trigger them to post or act the way they do,” Dr. Hibanada said. “Sometimes we might feel negatively or make judgments already towards them. But behind every screen is a human being with unique experiences and backgrounds—just like you and me. And remembering that allows us to empathize with them and try to put ourselves in their shoes,” she added.


Dr. Hibanada likewise gave tips on practicing positive online engagement and fact checking for fake news. She also called on parents and guardians to make online environments safe for their children. “My 3S advice for parents and guardians: First, SECURE your devices by setting passcodes and restrictions on all your devices. Second, SUPERVISE your children online and monitor the material they are accessing. Lastly, SIT down and have an open conversation with your child about the material they may see online,” she concluded.


The next CSM webinar will happen on October 23, 2021, with the topic “How to Effectively Study the Bible: Understanding the Parables of Jesus” at 8:30am to 11:30 am via Zoom. To register, click this link, https://bit.ly/HowToEffectivelyStudyTheBibleCSM.  For more details, email us at training@csm-publishing.com or contact us at 0908-8937016.